Russell Board

40 Days With Paul

Encountering The Risen Savior

As a strict and zealous Pharisee, Paul had made it his personal mission to stamp out the Christian church, which he regarded as a dangerous heretical sect, in order to purify and preserve his religious heritage.

But God had other plans for Paul. An encounter with the risen and glorified Jesus reversed the young man’s course, turning Christianity’s number one persecutor into its number one propagator.


Russell Board

Russell Board and his wife, Sandra, have served with IPHC World Missions for more than 35 years. Rus- sell currently serves as Regional Director of World Missions for Continental Asia, overseeing IPHC work in 11 countries. He is the author of Grow, 40 Days with Jesus, and 40 Days in the Psalms. Russell and Sandra live in Saitama, Japan.

Other Books

40 Days With Jesus: Encountering Jesus in the Gospels

When you consider the idea of walking with Jesus, what comes to mind? Russell board reminds us that today’s follower of Christ can have just as close a walk with him, perhaps even closer, as they encounter Christ through the pages of Scripture. The same transformative relationship Jesus’ first disciples had with is available today to anyone who would humbly come to him, receive his grace, and submit to his instruction.

40 Days In The Psalms: Encountering God Through Prayer, Worship, and Lament

Russell Board leads his readers on a journey over well-worn but too often forgotten paths. The book provides essays on some well-know and not so known Psalms. Board’s insights, meditations, and sample prayers invite the careful reader to enter into the world of the psalmists’, making the prayer, cries, and songs of bygone saints one’s own.

Grow: Maturing Believers Through The Truths Of The Christian Faith

Provides the reader with an overview of basic Christian beliefs and practices. As a discipleship resource, it is flexible enough to be used in a variety of settings, from one-on-one discipleship to small-group Bible study. May this little book help you or someone you know grow in his or her love for God.

Christmas Before and After

With “Christmas Before and After,” you can meet the yearly challenge to remain focused on what’s really important as Board and Beacham guide you with scripture passages, Biblical and church history, and personal application.


I have read and enjoyed other of Russell Board’s books but this is my favorite so far. I appreciate the normalcy and humble way that Russell writes. He doesn’t try to impress with big words and fancy ways to love and live, but instead, he simplifies biblical teachings to guide you on your journey with Christ.

– Kaahele


Psalms is absolutely one of my favorite books of the bible. I feel every word of their desperation, hope, thirst and trust. If you are looking to expand and strengthen your prayer life or have a deeper relationship with Jesus I encourage you to purchase this book. It is phenomenal!

– Jennifer Beth


This book was a perfect addition to my advent reading this year! It was thoughtful and extremely well written. I highly recommend it.

– Book Lover

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