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The goal of IPHCBooks.com is to serve as a centralized hub for IPHC authors and readers. This site has been designed to benefit the authors, readers, the wider IPHC community, and those outside of the IPHC by providing easy access to books by IPHC and Pentecostal authors.

It is also the goal of IPHCBooks.com to foster a sense of community and collaboration among IPHC authors by bringing together their published works in one place to create opportunities for networking, idea-sharing, and mutual support. Authors gain exposure to a broader audience, potentially leading to fruitful interactions and collaborations with fellow authors. And readers can find authors and books they’re searching for as well as discover some they haven’t heard of.

Additionally, we want this platform to contribute toward preserving the intellectual heritage and history of the IPHC tradition. Some influential works published by IPHC authors throughout its history might be difficult to find or access; some may even be at risk of being forgotten. It is our goal to make many of these books readily discoverable and available to current and future generations.

Finally, the books included on this website serve as a testament to the vibrancy and depth of the IPHC and Pentecostal tradition. Showcasing the breadth and richness of Pentecostal literature can dispel misconceptions and stereotypes that may exist regarding the movement. It also offers a platform for IPHC authors to amplify their voices and contribute to the broader Christian literary landscape.

It is our aim and our prayer that IPHCBooks.com will play a part in ensuring that the literary contributions of IPHC authors continue to impact and inspire generations to come.

IPHCBooks.com is hosted and maintained by True Potential, Inc. True Potential is a Christian book publisher. We have worked with many IPHC and other Christian authors in publishing, promoting, and selling their books globally.

If you are an IPHC minister, leader, or author and wish to discuss publishing a new book or having an existing book included in IPHCBooks.com, please contact me by completing the form below.

Steve Spillman, Publisher

Featured Books

From Sheep To Horses

Preparing God’s Flock for Battle

THIS BOOK IS FOR MATURING CHRISTIANS ONLY! God won’t allow us to continue to act out in immature ways. There comes a point in our walk with God when He will put a stop to our immaturity if we don’t grow up and understand that we should be preparing God’s flock for battle!


31 Ways to Stay Balanced on Life’s Uneven Surfaces

The perfectly structured and balanced life I thought I wanted and needed isn’t realistic or effective or healthy. So, instead of waiting for the external world to calm down, I am learning to adjust to life’s lack of steadiness. I keep a list of ways I can find balance in the uneven surfaces of life. I am including many of them in these stories and thoughts.

Sight Unseen

A Story of Courageous Faith

The panic of that Monday morning was overwhelming. It felt fearful. It seemed dark, like a black screen dropped across our future. It felt like what I imagined it is like to be blind. It must also be true that panic causes a person to say insensible things. “For the first time in my life, I cannot visualize tomorrow!” one of us blurted out.

Advent to Epiphany

From Text to Sermon

Advent to Epiphany is the first volume in the From Text to Sermon series designed to help pastors and their flocks better understand the rhythm and purpose of the Christian calendar.

Chris Maxwell, Author of 11 books, Director of Spiritual Life and Campus Pastor, Emmanuel College

I am grateful to call Steve Spillman a leader and a friend. My experience with Steve and True Potential has encouraged me to pursue my dreams, guided me along the journey, and challenged me to reach my desired destination. They hope we work hard and write well, but they care for us individually. I am honored to call True Potential my publisher and Steve Spillman my friend.

Dr. A. D. Beacham, Jr., General Superintendent , International Pentecostal Holiness Church

I am grateful for the encouragement and patience of publisher Steve Spillman in seeing this book to completion.

Jon Campbell Author, Speaker, Musician, The Awakening International Base, Los Angeles, California

Thank you for publishing work, talking me through my questions, coaching me often, reminding me Im a whippersnapper, and always having an answer for what do I do now?” Without you, Room 6060 would be a note hidden away on my laptop.

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