Ron McCants

Vignettes From Vietnam

Heard. Understood. Acknowledged!

The stories of many veterans remain untold. There is no procedure or protocol in sharing those stories or keeping them to ourselves. We all walk a different path or at a different pace. Thirty years after I came home from Vietnam, our daughter asked, “Pops, why don’t you ever talk about Vietnam?” My response was, “No one is interested, and no one is listening.” But I was wrong. She listened because she was interested, and she wanted to know because she loves me. And I needed to tell it, for me, for her, and for many others.


Ron McCants

Ron McCants grew up in the South Carolina Lowcountry. Drafted, he served in Vietnam as an infantry rifleman, point man, and RTO, attaining the rank of Sgt (E-5). 

After a brief time in the business world, Ron entered Bible college and has spent 40-plus years in vocational ministry. He currently serves as Ministry Ambassador in Dr. Charles Stanley’s In Touch Ministries in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a member of the American Legion Post 56 in Jefferson, GA, and serves as President of the 5/60 Infantry Association, and he is also a lifetime member of VVA— Vietnam Veterans of America.

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If you are a Vietnam vet, this book, Vignettes From Vietnam, will take you back in time where you spent a critical portion of your youth. If you are simply someone who wants to know more about what the war was like for the Americans who served there, this is a great book.

– Lt. General William G. “Jerry” Boykin


More often than not, wars rather than peace defines a generation. That is true for us still living fifty-plus years after the Vietnam War. Ron McCants takes us into the realities of what combat soldiers faced in South East Asia. He writes as one who not only survived, but as one who found a greater purpose and fulfillment in his life.

– Bishop Doug Beacham


In this insightful book about one of America’s most challenging and controversial wars, Ron McCants gives voice to the unheard heroes—the American GIs who fought. Regardless of what we think about the Vietnam War, McCants demonstrates the un-equivocal truth that our veterans merit our utmost gratitude and respect. They also deserve to be heard.

– Phillip Bowen

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